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Are there any safe natural supplements that I can take when I am pregnant?

There are several natural supplements that are safe to take during your pregnancy; however, you must be careful with supplements as they are all not safe for your baby.

Safe supplements include Alfalfa, Chamomile, and Fish Oil.  Alfalfa is loaded with vitamin K and is helpful to prevent blood clots. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with nausea experienced during pregnancy.  The omega-3 fatty acids in Fish Oil are believed to improve coordination and mood.

Natural supplements that you should avoid during your pregnancy include Saw Palmetto, which will affect your hormones; Dong Quai, which can over relax the uterus; Black/Blue Cohosh, that has been found to induce labour; and Feverfew, which can cause allergic reactions.

The safety of taking St. John’s Wort and Red Raspberry Leaf are widely debated.  While St. John’s Wort is great a treatment for depression, there are just not enough studies to conclude that it is safe to use during pregnancy. Additionally, some professionals say that Red Raspberry Leaf will help with nausea and lesson labour pains, while others believe it is dangerous to take in the first trimester of a pregnancy.
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