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Developing gross motor skills: what games can I play?

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Toddlers love obstacle courses and you can create this one with a few cardboard boxes and some imagination.

Collect several larger size cardboard boxes. Four should be adequate for this age.

Have your child help you decorate the boxes. They will be thrilled at colouring on the boxes and adding stickers.

Now, open the ends of two of the boxes. These will become tunnels.

The remaining two boxes will be used in the obstacle course as objects to manoeuvre around.

Set up the course in the middle of the floor. If it is a hard floor, it’s fun to use a masking tape to mark off the course.

Establish a starting place and a finish line and explain the course to your toddler.

Show them how to go through the course; around the first box, through the first tunnel, around the second box, and so on.

At the finish line, make sure there is a small reward for your toddler. They will feel a great sense of accomplishment for having made it through the obstacle course!
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