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Developing hand/eye coordination: what games can I play?

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Ball games are great for aiding the eye/hand coordination of a toddler. This game however, uses socks instead of balls.

Gather your child’s socks and roll them in a ball.

Now, place a large plastic box or tub against the wall.

Stand or sit your toddler a short ways from the tub or box.

Encourage him to throw each sock into the tub.

Make sure to cheer even if they don’t make it in the tub. A toddler knows the sound of encouragement.

If you see that your toddler is getting a number of socks in the tub, you probably have him too close; or he is a future star basketball player!

For added fun, include a special treat after the game to let your toddler know what a good job they did.
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