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How can I tell if my preschooler is gifted?

At two, it can be very difficult to tell if your child is gifted or not. At this age, all children are learning at an amazing rate, and they all develop differently, so while your child may excel in something, he or she may be lagging in another area.
While there are cases where gifted children can be singled out almost from birth, in most cases, children who are gifted aren’t identified until they reach formal education, much later on.

It’s also worth remembering that children who are defined as gifted are more likely to excel in a specific area than to be gifted all round. Some children will excel in academic pursuits, others in physical activities, and still others in creative pursuits.
Even if your child is showing early signs of giftedness, it’s best to remember that even very special children like yours need the same as other children of this age: lots of stimulation, plenty of opportunity to try new things, and your love and support in doing so.

Don’t even think of trying to put even a gifted preschooler in an academic driven environment – child experts agree that it’s detrimental to development. Rather let your child enjoy his or her preschool years to the fullest, learning through play, and worry about academic and other achievements later on.

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