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How do I cope with a toddler who whines?

You may have noticed that there are times when your toddler isn’t really crying, but moans, loudly, for no good reason at all. It’s their way of expressing emotion and learning to influence you, and others around them. These episodes could coincide with activities like changing clothes, taking a nap or something else, or they could have no real catalyst at all.

It’s important to note that from around 12 months, your child begins to change rapidly. Some children have already started walking, most have started to realise that they are somewhat independent of you, and all are going through some pretty intense emotional changes.

Usually, whining toddlers are only doing all that whining for one reason – to get a reaction out of you. If you react, whether it’s negative or positive reinforcement, she’s managed to elicit a response from you. The result will almost always be more whining.

If you’re feeling frustrated, or like you just can’t cope with the whining, putting your child in a playpen or cot for a few minutes, and leaving the room, will give you time to calm down, and regroup. Ignoring whining also often leads to your child getting bored, and stopping. So don’t react, rather just ignore it!

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