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My child loves bells. What games can I play with them?

Ringing the bell can be such fun for a toddler who has earned the right to do so by accomplishing the goal of this fun game.

Your child will gain a great sense of accomplishment when they play Bells.

The first thing you need is some sort of bell. It should be one that your child enjoys to ring. Counter top dingers are really fun for toddlers.

Next, place several items around the room in plain sight. Examples are a teddy bear, wooden blocks, shoes, his favourite blanket, etc.

Show your toddler the bell and let them ring it so they see how much fun it is.

Now call out one item at a time and tell your child if they find it, they get to ring the bell.

Your child will be very pleased with himself when he finds the object, brings it to you, and is rewarded by getting to ring the bell.

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