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My daughter sucks her thumb a lot. Should I be concerned?

Many, if not most, toddlers suck their thumbs at some point. In fact, there’s a good chance that your toddler was sucking their thumb before they were born, and that he or she simply continued through infancy, and into toddlerhood. Some children suck their thumb when they’re tired, scared, or just to fall asleep.

If you’re worried about your toddler’s teeth, don’t be. Experts agree that it’s perfectly okay for children to suck their thumbs right up until their permanent teeth start to appear at around age six. Most children will have outgrown the habit long before then.

In fact, it’s far worse for your toddler to continue to suck a dummy than it is to suck a thumb!
The only real damage your child is likely to do, if any, is to end up with a red or chapped thumb. Solve the problem by applying a moisturising cream while they’re sleeping.

You could also try distracting your child when you see their thumb move towards her mouth, but for the most part, ignoring the habit is the simplest and best way to deal with it.

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