It’s long been rumoured that boys take longer to potty train than girls, and while no one knows exactly why, this is in fact true.
Some people have said that this may be because even boys are potty trained by their mums, but even those who have input from dads or other father figures seem to take longer than their female counterparts. This may be because boys first have to learn to use the potty, and then they have to master peeing standing up. It’s best to ignore what the girls (and boys) in his preschool or day care are up to, and simply watch your child for readiness instead.
You’ll want to get your son to focus on using the potty for both pee and poo at first – it can be distracting for little boys to learn to pee standing up at the same time! You should also avoid buying a potty with a urine guard. While you may save yourself a little cleaning in the bathroom, it can injure your son, so it’s best to avoid them.
Only after your son has mastered the art of using the potty sitting down, should you start teaching him to pee standing up. You’ll need a male role model (whether it’s an uncle, a friend or your partner) to help with this one. Let your son follow them to the bathroom, and see how it’s done. Once your child seems to have grasped the concept, it’s time for him to give it a try. Try floating a few pieces of of shaped cereal in the toilet, or in his potty, and having him aim for them.
It may take some time before his aim is perfect, and that may mean some cleaning up for you, but the more he practices, the better he will get.