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Should I be giving my toddler time outs?

We all know that violence is never the answer as far as disciplining a toddler. However, many a parent is at a loose end as to just how you can discipline a young child. A time out, or a short period away from the activity that’s causing the problem, is usually the best solution.

It’s a good way to let your child calm down when they’re angry or frustrated, and it’ll also give you time to get control of your feelings.

Keep time outs short – a few minutes at a time, and make sure, before you begin giving your toddler time outs, that he or she understands the difference between right and wrong. There’s no point giving your child a time out, or chasing them around the house to get him to the ‘time out place’ if they have no idea what you’re doing. They’ll think either it’s a game, or fail to make the connection completely.

Until your child can understand what right and wrong is, and why there are rules, as well as what they are, time outs are useless, so make sure your child has shown signs of understanding when they’ve done something wrong first.

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