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What do I do when my child has a fit because I used the wrong colour cup?

To an adult, using the wrong colour cup may seem like a minor infraction, not worth mentioning. However, to your child, it’s a major catastrophe.

That’s because, just like adults, toddlers have preferences. Chances are they’ve already decided that they prefer the red cup, and when you hand them juice in a yellow one, you’re not respecting their preferences.

The best way to deal with this kind of toddler melt down is to avoid it. Instead of deciding for them, ask which cup he or she would like to use. Make these kinds of enquiries about any minor decisions that may cause your toddler to feel as though you are not respecting their wants. That way, they will understand that you respect their wishes.

It’s the same as asking a friend how many sugars they take in their coffee. You wouldn’t make the decision for them, would you?

If it’s impossible to give them what they wants (for instance, if her favourite cup is not available) then reason with your toddler. Tell her ‘Mummy knows you like the red cup, but it’s at Granny’s house. Can you use a yellow one, just for today?’ Just knowing that you know and respect their wishes can head the problem off before it’s started.

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