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What is something fun to do with an 18 to 24 month old?

Playing with a ball is great for developing a toddler’s motor skills and their eye/hand coordination.

Toddlers will love to play this ball game that gives them such a sense of accomplishment!

What you will need:
•    A soft rubber, plastic, or foam ball.
•    A box or basket that is big enough for the ball.
•    A lot of floor space. (make sure to clear away any breakable items)

How to play:
•    Place the box or basket against a wall in the room.
•    Place your toddler a ways away from the box or basket.
•    Now, encourage your toddler to throw the ball and make a basket.
If they seem to make the basket too easily, move them back away from it more. You want the game to present a challenge to them. Likewise, if it seems to difficult, move them closer to the basket so they do not get frustrated.
•    Cheer and clap and tell your toddler what a great ball player they are!

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