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What should I do about my toddler's temper tantrums?

By the time a toddler is 15 months old, tantrums are a frequent and regular occurrence. They will flare up quickly, but will also be over quickly. At this age, they are experiencing a wide range of feelings as they develop physically and emotionally.

Public places tend to bring out the worst tantrums in toddlers. This is due to the abundance of light, sound, colour and people around them. If you are carrying out errands, such as shopping, your attention will be focused on tasks and not on your toddler. Your toddler will feel emotionally distressed by this lack of attention and will be prone to throwing tantrums. Try to keep them involved in the things you are doing and talk to them often. This will limit your toddler's feelings of panic and frustration.
When your child does have a meltdown, you will have to use a number of techniques to calm them down. Do not restrain them or shout at them when they are having a fit, this only enrages a toddler more. Sometimes you will need to hold and console them, other times your toddler just needs to be put on the floor and work off their frustration themselves.

In a public place, your toddler's tantrum will probably cause embarrassment for you. Your discomfort will be noticed by your toddler and this can increase the intensity of the tantrum. It is best to move your child away to a quieter, less busy location and deal with them there.

If you are at home and cannot cope with your toddler's screaming and crying during a tantrum, make sure they are safe and simply leave the room.

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