Children enjoy going to parties and interacting with other children their own age in an environment full of toys, games and sugary food. If your child misbehaves, or is rude to the hosts and guests at a party, there will be few invites to future gatherings. Parents and their children who host birthday parties will make a point of not re-inviting rude, rowdy children as guests.
Make sure your child knows how parties work. For birthday parties, you child should know that the presents are intended for the host, not the guests. Your child must learn to say 'please' and 'thank you' when requesting things. This behaviour can be taught when your child accompanies you on shopping trips, by thanking the cashiers and bag packers.
At home, you can create a make-believe party scenario for the sake of teaching and practising appropriate behaviour. Praise your child for getting things right and avoid being too critical of small mistakes. This will encourage positive behaviour in future.