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Your Preschooler Month 47

At 47 months of age, your child is becoming more and more independent and is able to physically do many things that he could not do just a few months ago. Due to this physical growth, this is the age that many children begin to get involved in sports. It’s also time to plan for your child’s fourth birthday party!

Your Child’s Development

Your child is almost 4 years old now and can do many things that he could not do just a few months ago. He is probably really good at dressing himself now, although his shirt will sometimes be backwards and possibly inside out, is proud of the fact that he can dress himself. Buttons and snap fasteners may still be difficult, so it’s best if you look for clothing that does not have these kinds of closures. 
Your child is also very good at brushing his teeth and washing his hands now too. These are the self-help skills that are so important to your child’s developing sense of independence. You may still have to monitor him when he is brushing his teeth, but let him do it to the best of his ability. Your child wants to be able to say, “I did it all by myself!” 
At this age, your child now has a longer and leaner body that he did just a few months ago. He has grown taller and is losing his ‘baby fat’ because he is so active now. Most parents agree that this is the age when their child loses their baby featuresand takes on a more mature look. Facial features are more mature now and you have probably noticed that your child’s body is more proportionate to his head than it was just a few months ago.
Your child’s gross motor skills are now much more advanced as well. He is running, jumping, playing sports, and performing acrobatic skills with confidence and determination. His courageous physical abilities are still likely to make you wince once in a while though. And if your child is interested in sports, be prepared for those jumpy feelings to stick around for years. 
You are more than likely planning your child’s birthday party this month. Experts recommend that you keep the party short and limit the number of guests. Two hours is enough time to have a great party and invite no more than ten children that are close to the same age. You should also make sure that the location of the party is child proofed and safe for all the guests. Plan activities that will keep the children busy and happy and make sure that the food you serve is generic. Avoid nuts and other items that some children may be allergic to. 
Let your child select the theme of the party. He will enjoy selecting the decorations and the cake design. And, make sure to have a take-away for each child. A goodie-bag stuffed with candy and small party favors are a favorite.



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