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How do I choose a good car seat?

The car seat is the single most important piece of baby gear you have. Make sure you have a good one.

Car seat technology has greatly improved over the last few decades. Today, there are strict standards that all manufacturers must meet. These standards mean that all car seats on the market are safe; however, there are some that are better than others. Additionally, a car seat must fit your child properly and be correctly installed, or the safety features will do nothing to protect them.

There are three basic types of car seats. You must make sure that the seat your child uses is appropriate for their age/weight.

The baby or infant seat is designed for babies up to 20 lbs.
The convertible or infant/toddler seat will carry a child until they weigh 30 to 35 lbs.
The belt positioned booster seat is meant to be used by children over age 3 who weigh at least 40 lbs.

Correct installation of any car seat is vital. Studies have shown that at least 50 percent of all car seats are not properly installed. Many injuries are the result of improper installation. You should thoroughly read the instructions that come with your car seat and practice the installation.

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