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What’s the best way to keep my child safe around the cooker?

Accidents around stoves are much more common than you’d think – many children are hurt when they pull boiling water, oil or food onto themselves, so it’s wise to be wary about your child near the cooker or kettle.

Try to make sure that you only use the back burners on your cooker, and that you get into the habit of keeping handles facing backwards. That way it’s harder for your child to reach them.
If your oven door has a lock, make sure you use it, and if it comes with an anti tipping device – use it. Small children often use the oven door as a step to reach the cooker, and many are injured when they tip the stove by climbing on it like this.

A child who can reach the knobs on your cooker can also start a fire, or, in the case of a gas cooker, release potentially deadly fumes into your home. Get into the habit of switching off the power or gas to the oven when you’re not using it, and you will avoid this risk.

Lastly, try to keep your child occupied or elsewhere when you’re cooking. Place him or her in a high chair, or in a play pen with a toy, or have your partner supervise play. A kitchen with a view to the living room can also mean that your child can watch television, or play, while you cook, and you can still supervise.

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