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How do I keep my toddler from getting car sick?

Car sickness is a common condition in toddlers. Here are some tips on preventing your toddler from becoming car sick.
Try to take the majority of the car ride during your toddler’s usual nap time.
Provide a small meal or a light snack before the car ride. If your toddler has some food in her stomach, it may be easier for her to take the motion.
Take breaks often. This will give your toddler a chance to calm their tummies down.
Give your toddler lots of fluids. Staying well hydrated will help with motion sickness.
 Keep toys on hand and plan activities to do in the car with your toddler. Keeping them occupied will keep their mind off the fact that they are moving.
You should try to keep your toddler as close to the centre of the vehicle as possible. If they are seated in the rear of the vehicle they will probably feel more motion and become more nauseated.
Keep your toddler distracted; listen to music, sing songs, count cars, whatever it takes. Again, distraction will keep their mind off the movement.
Try to keep your toddler’s attention to what is going on outside the car. Many times, gazing out the window will help the brain realize that the body is moving.

If your child’s car sickness is bad enough to warrant medication, you should talk to your paediatrician first. There are some over the counter medications for motion sickness, but you need to be careful with these medications. Your doctor can tell you what to use and what dosage is proper for your child’s height and weight.

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