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When’s the best time to get a pet?

Kids and pets are two things that just go together, aren’t they? However, if you don’t already have pets, and you’re still pregnant, or have a young baby or toddler, it may be wise to wait until your child is older before you adopt a dog or a cat.

Most experts advise waiting until your child is around three years old before you add a pet to your family. There are plenty of practical reasons for this – pets are expensive to own, they take a lot of time and energy to care for, and a boisterous puppy or kitten could unwittingly injure your baby or toddler.

The costs of a pet add up – from ruined carpets and furniture thanks to accidents and claw sharpening to neutering, vaccinations, food and training, all in addition to the cost of the pet itself. When you’re adjusting to the extra cost of a child, that can be more than your budget can handle!

If you can’t wait to adopt a pet, consider an older dog or cat, that won’t need as much attention or training, and make sure that whatever breed you choose, you opt for one that’s good with children. In fact, you will probably want to adopt an older dog that’s been around children, or choose a puppy or kitten whose parents have good temperaments.

When choosing to get a pet, remember that it’s not until your child is around seven or eight that he or she will be able to help you care for them, so you will need to make time to look after them for many years to come!

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