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How does a toddler learn spatial skills?

A toddler learns about spatial relationships by playing with toys that encourage an action they must remember.

Here’s an example: Your toddler puts a block into a shape sorter toy over and over. Through this repetitive play, he is developing skills and committing an action to memory. As his motor skills develop, your toddler will begin to fit things together, like jigsaw puzzle pieces or snap together blocks.

Playing with toys helps a child understand spatial relationships. Your toddler quickly learns that the round block will not fit into the square hole, and that he cannot crawl under the sofa. Believe it or not, these skills are used every day in every activity, from eating dinner to bath time.
There are many toys that you can use to encourage your child’s understanding of spatial relationships.

Books that have hidden objects within the pictures and encourage the child to find the object are especially good.

Stacking toys teach your child that a certain size will fit on another size.
Shape sorters are the most loved of these types of toys and come in a variety of colours and shapes.

Puzzles are a fantastic way to teach spatial relationship. Make sure that you choose age appropriate puzzles or your toddler will become frustrated.

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