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What amount of napping is normal for my two and a half year old?

There are very definite views on napping from most experts, when it comes to babies and children. But while your newborn was expected to sleep most of the day, and your four to 12 month old would have two naps every day, after two, it’s average for your child to have only one.

In most cases, this nap will be in the afternoon, and it can range from half an hour to two hours.
Having a set naptime can help, and making sure that your child naps in a calm, quiet place like his or her bedroom is another good idea that should make getting your preschooler down for a nap a little easier. You also don’t want your child to nap later than 4PM, and not for too long either – other wise bed time may become a problem!

Do bear in mind, though, that by this age, many children won’t want to nap at all. This is also perfectly normal and you should not force your child to sleep unless he or she is showing definite signs of overtiredness.

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