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Feeding during the night: what if my toddler won't relent?

Your toddler should be getting enough nutrition during the day from regular meal times. If your toddler is waking during the night and looking for food or milk, it likely that your child is used to having a bottle before bed and associates going to sleep with feeding. Your child does not wake up feeling hungry during the night, but may want a bottle as a pacifier before returning to sleep.

To wean your child off night time bottles and snacks, increase the time period between bottles during the day and decrease the amount of liquid you give your child per serving. Gradually reduce the amount of milk you give your child at night, by diluting it with water at first, until normal water is all you provide at night.

Get your child used to a routine at night that includes brushing teeth, after which no food is consumed. If your child needs a bottle for calming purposes at night, plain water is fine. Between the age of two and three, no night time feeding is necessary.

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