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What are some fun rhymes for my toddler?

Rhymes are a great way to teach your toddler because rhymes are easy for a toddler to remember.  You might be amazed at how quickly a toddler will begin to say the rhyme with you after they have heard it several times.

Here are some fun rhymes for you and your child.

•    For the very young (under six months)...
Five Little Ducks
Use your fingers to pretend that each is a duck. When one swims away, fold one finger into your palm until they are all gone.
“Five little ducks went swimming one day over the ponds and far away. Mother duck said quack, quack, quack, but only four little ducks came back.”
•    For the Nine Month Old...
Count your fingers as you say this rhyme and make a biting motion when the fish bites your finger.
“One two three four five.
•    One two three four five
Once I caught a fish alive.
Why did you let him go
Because he bit my finger so
Which finger did he bite?
This little finger on the right.”
•    At 12 Months…
Use your fingers to make a crawling spider.
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Itsy Bitsy spider climbing up the spout,
Down came the rain and washed the spider out.
Out came the sunshine dried up all the rain,
And Itsy Bitsy spider climbed the spout again.
•    The 18 month old will love this one…
I’m a Little Teapot
I’m a little teapot short and stout
Here’s my handle (Put one arm on hip)
Here’s my spout (Put other arm out like spout)
When I hear the tea cups hear me shout
Tip me up and pour me out (bend to the side in a pouring action)

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