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What game teaches a toddler problem solving skills?

A child will learn to solve problems by playing a simple game of hide and seek.

This is great to play when there are no other children around and the game uses stickers instead of people. The big reward is that the child gets to keep all the stickers they find!

You can purchase large quantities of stickers from arts and craft stores and they are fairly inexpensive so you can afford this game frequently!

Place various stickers on items around the room such as the furniture, a toy, a shoe, or even the family dog. Make sure that the stickers are in plain sight and not hidden too well. Also, make sure that the location of the sticker will not cause your child to climb or crawl under something.

Bring your child into the room and tell her to look for the hidden stickers.

When they get close to one, you can give them hints that they are almost there.

When your toddler finds a sticker, have them stick it to their shirt.

When they have collected all the stickers tell they that they are the Sticker Champion!

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