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How can I encourage my child to potty train?

If you want to make potty training your child a little easier, then there are a few things you can try.
First, you want to wait until your child is ready for potty training. You will notice the signs that your child is ready, and you should try to choose a time when there are no other major upheavals in your child’s routine.

Develop a plan on how and when you want to start potty training. Buy the necessary equipment like a potty, training pants and other items, and figure out how you will handle accidents. Remember, however, that potty training will be largely governed by your child, so you may want to keep that plan flexible! Don’t be surprised if your child makes some progress, and then regresses again. This is completely normal.

Involve other people in your potty training plan. Getting caregivers, and even your child’s doctor, involved in potty training can be very helpful. Prepare yourself for a long process. Remember that some children will master staying dry in a few weeks or even days, while others will require a longer time to get used to using the potty. Use positive reinforcement to drive the process. Don’t punish your child for accidents, but reward successes.

Praising your child is very important. Make every time he or she successfully uses the potty a cause for celebration, and you will encourage him or her to do so more often.

Lastly, expect accidents. No child will go through potty training without accidents. Accept that they will happen, clean them up calmly, and gently remind your child that next time, he or she should use the potty.

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