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How do I potty train my little boy?

Potty training is a big step for a toddler and will require much patience on your part. Your son must be ready to take this big step. There’s no doubt that any parent is anxious to get potty training over with. Nappies are expensive and a lot of work. However, your son must be ready or it simply will not work.

So, how do you know when he is ready for potty training? Well, it’s difficult but with a little observation, you’ll be able to tell. For some unknown reason, the majority of boys take longer to potty train than girls. On average, little boys will be completely potty trained around 4 years of age. And, if you start the training too early, it can take longer.

You must check for the signs that your son is ready. He must want to cooperate or your work will be in vain. Additionally, if there is something going on in the household that is disruptive – like a new baby brother or sister – it will be harder for your son to adapt to the idea of such a change and he may become overwhelmed at the idea. As with most things in life, timing is so important.

Children learn many things through imitation, so letting your son see his parents using the toilet is a great way to start. Your son may point out the “mum” uses the potty differently from “dad”. This is a sign that he is beginning to understand the idea of using the potty.

Let your son be involved in the process of purchasing a potty or toddler toilet seat. After having many conversations about it, take your son with you to pick out the perfect potty. You can also make the potty a place that is just his by adding stickers or painting his name on the back.
If you decide to use the adult toilet, make sure to get a step stool and do the same with it. He will feel special having his own potty equipment.

Sometimes, your child may love the idea, but hate the actual process. If you have trouble getting him to sit on the potty, don’t force him. Never make going to the potty a bad experience for your son. If you do, it will set him back in the training process.

Lastly, try not to get too stressed out about potty training. All children eventually get it and when your son is ready, he will too.

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