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Should I use laxatives to help with potty training?

If your toddler becomes constipated during potty training it can be a major setback. When this happens, there are things you should do before you resort to using a laxative or a stool softener.

First, you should change their diet. Add foods that contain fibre such as broccoli, whole grain breads, and cereals, and make sure that your child is getting plenty of fluids that help with constipation. Water, prune juice and diluted fruit juices work best. It’s best to cut back on dairy products if there is constipation.

Honey is known to be a natural laxative and can be given with consulting your doctor; however, never give honey to a child under age 1 as there is a risk of botulism in infants. If you use honey, a teaspoon in the morning is all that is needed.

If the constipation does not get better after trying these things, you should see your doctor. There may be an underlying cause such as a food allergy or virus.

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