Babyfood Recipes

Looking for quick and easy, healthy baby food recipes? MummyPages has wholesome and tasty baby food recipes complete with ratings and tips.

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Frittata with lamb, feta cheese, red pepper and peas
Cucumber and egg tartine
Fruit scones with sugar crust
Dream Bars
Natural pancakes
Cornbread muffins
Choco P Nutty Bars
Spicy falafels
Cauliflower pilaf
Baked butternut squash crisps
Easy Bolognese pies
Green Halloween Monsters
Rustic croquettes
Light weight nachos
Bacon with crispy potatoes
Eggcup cheese tarts with spring onions
Rosemary infused olives
Sweet melon fruit bowl
Toffee popcorn
Honey muesli with raspberries
Pumpkin pancakes
Chocolate magic cake
Chicken and avocado tostada
Goat’s cheese and vegetable snacks
Christmas pudding whoopie pies
Pita pizzas
Baba Ganoush
Mini pizzas
Coconut Ghosts
Super easy scones