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How do I keep my child interested in potty training?

Maintaining a toddler’s interest in any activity can be challenging. However, there are ways you can encourage your child to stay engaged and excited about her progress.

Many parents use a reward system for potty training. When the child accomplishes a goal, they get a reward such as a special sticker or a treat. This works well to keep your child interested and engaged.

It’s also good to reinforce the idea of “being a big girl” and wearing “big girl underwear”. This makes your toddler feel special and very proud of themselves. Make sure to let your toddler help you choose their underwear from the store. Usually, they will select ones that have their favourite character on them. Again, this makes your child feel special and proud.

If your child is still losing interest in potty training, it may be that they are just not yet ready. You may want to consider waiting a few weeks and trying again.

No matter the situation, you want to stay positive about potty training. Never pressure your child or scold them for their lack of interest or if they have an accident. If you do, you very well could see your child reverting instead of progressing.

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