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What do I need when travelling with my toddler?

Can you still recall the things that you are used to carrying around when your toddler was still an infant? If you do, then double or triple that load. Now that you have a toddler, you've already reached the part where lots of toys, clothes, snacks and gear will be needed to make sure they are comfortable while travelling. Here is a check-list of some of the most important things you should not forget when packing:
Pad where you can place your toddler on while changing nappies.
Toiletries and a small bottle of hand gel and other disinfectants
Plastic bags or trash bags
Toys and books
Tissues and small towels
Enough pairs of clothes, socks and shoes
Hat and sunscreen lotion
Washable bibs
Feeding utensils
Portable high chair
First aid kit
Collapsible buggy
Remember that packing should be done a few days before your scheduled trip to make sure that everything is there and that nothing important is left. You can also make use of a nappy bag that has a waterproof lining and pack some extra shirts for you as well. To avoid leaks, make sure that you packed the toiletries and medicines in a re-sealable plastic bag. Also, when packing, keep your toddlers things in one suitcase so you would not have trouble finding what you need.

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