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When will my child need her first shoes and what should I look for?

It’s probable that you bought shoes for your baby; however, baby shoes are less like real shoes, and more like slippers. They’re designed to look cute, keep feet warm, and not much else!
Now that your child is walking, however, those shoes are going to take a lot more punishment, and you’re going to need to look for a few specifics when you’re shoe shopping for your child!
Just like grownups, toddler’s feet swell during the day. Make sure you plan shoe-shopping trips for later in the day, so that you can account for this when buying her shoes.

Look for flexible rubber soles with grip, and opt for runner type designs that breathe – made with cloth or canvas uppers.

If your child struggles to keep their shoes on, you could look for high top styles, which will be harder to accidentally lose!

Make sure that your child’s shoes fit correctly. Your child won’t ‘break in’ too tight shoes. They’ll just hurt! Make sure that there’s space around the foot for movement, and that the fabric over the arch of the foot isn’t too tight.

If your child is okay with keeping shoes that fasten with Velcro on, then by all means choose that option. However, if your child tends to take their shoes off, then it’s best to opt for lace up versions, which you can tie with a double knot. Even the nimblest little fingers shouldn’t be able to take those shoes off!

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