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What equipment will I need for my child between one and two?

By now you’ve probably realised that having a child is an exercise in planning and that there are plenty of things that little person in your life needs to be safe, and to grow and thrive.
Age 1 is another big turning point though, when your child starts to leave baby hood behind, and embarks on a new adventure as a toddler. You’ll have a lot more to do to make sure your child stays safe and happy. To do that, there are a few things you’re going to need to add to your supplies and equipment.

First, there are some changes in clothing requirements. Baby clothes are no longer suitable, and your toddler is going to become a lot more difficult to dress! Look for clothes that pull on and off easily, and that are easy to clean. If you thought your child was messy as a baby, you haven’t seen anything yet! Your child will also need more warm clothes to play outside, good shoes that will help keep him or her safe, and other things like pyjamas and maybe even a swimsuit.

You won’t be able to pack away the nappies for a while, although it will become easier to change your baby during his or her second year. What you will want to get is a potty, and a seat that fits on the adult toilet, as well as a small stool for the bathroom. Your child will only start potty training around 18 months, but it never hurts to start early!

Between the ages of one and two, your child will learn to eat on his or her own. This is a good time to buy mealtime equipment and accessories that include a stable and easy to clean high chair, plates, sippy cups, spoons, and forks. A booster seat is a good idea for older toddlers, and it means he or she can eat at the table with the rest of the family.

You may also want to swap the heavy, feature laden pram or stroller you’ve been using. A lightweight version that folds easily makes it easier to travel with your toddler and means he or she can walk when they feel like it, and sit comfortably when they don’t.

You won’t need to buy bedding for a big bed just yet – most children only move into a proper bed after age two. However, you will need to check that her crib is high enough that your child can’t climb out – or upgrade to one that is!

Last, but certainly not least, there’s safety. You’ll probably want to invest in baby gates that can keep your child out of dangerous areas in the house, and off the staircase. It’s also probably time to upgrade from an infant car seat, and latches, padding for sharp corners, and protective covers for sockets are all things you will need to keep your busy toddler safe.

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