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How can I make potty training as simple as possible?

For many mums, especially first time mums, potty training can seem like a daunting process. It doesn’t have to be though, if you follow three simple phases.

First, look out for signs that your child is ready. Some children are ready at two, while others only start to show signs nearer to three or four years old.

Second, introduce a portable potty, but don’t force the issue. Make it your child’s choice when to use the potty, and try to make it as fun as possible for him or her.

Thirdly, invest in a potty chair or a seat that fits on your toilet. Having a footstool in the bathroom, to prevent your child’s feet from dangling, can also help.

Patience, understanding and no pressure are the keys to successful potty training at any age, so don’t expect results over night, and don’t expect to throw away the nappies too soon. Potty training can be a long process, so you may find that it takes longer than you thought, or than other people told you. It’s up to your child’s unique development, and there’s no right or wrong time frame!

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