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My three year old still wets her bed. What can I do?

By three, most children will be potty trained, or well on their way to being potty trained. However, while your child is probably fairly competent at using the potty during the day, night time accidents are still to be expected sometimes.

In fact, bed wetting is common in children up to the age of five years old, with more boys having trouble with it than girls. Even your doctor won’t see bed wetting as a problem until your child reaches this age.

Your child’s bed wetting could be down to a physical factor, like a small bladder, or he or she might just be a heavy sleeper. Sometimes an emotional upset can trigger bed wetting in preschoolers, and sometimes it’s about stress.

Try eliminating fluids as much as possible after supper, and try not to make too big a deal about wetting the bed. Sometimes this can run in families, but at three, it’s perfectly normal. Simply change the sheets, and your child, and put him or her back to bed.

Your child may be embarrassed or anxious because he or she wet the bed. Reassure your child that it’s normal, and nothing to be embarrassed about.

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