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How much exercise does my preschooler need?

Preschooler aged children are mostly very active get enough exercise during their normal daily routine. However, some children do not get enough activity and may have a poor diet which leads to a weight problem. If you are concerned that your child is overweight, you should talk to your paediatrician. They will suggest a diet and fitness program for your child.

As a general rule, your child should get about an hour of active play during each day.  This doesn't need to be all in one go, and you'll likely try to make sure that it's made up of some play in the garden or park as well as perhaps a walk to or from school or playgroup.  Playground time also counts but it's difficult to tell how active your child has been during the day if you're not present yourself.
You can also encourage activities that will get your child moving. There are so many fun activities to do that won’t even seem like exercise to a preschooler. You can play a game of tag or hide and seek in the backyard, jog around the park together, even turn on the music and have a dance party. As long as it’s fun, it will get your preschooler moving.

Additionally, all children learn by example. So, if you are inactive, chances are your child will be too. It’s important to show your child that physical activity is good for you.

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