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What do I do if my tween or teen doesn't want to play sport anymore?

If your child announces he doesn’t want to play sport anymore, it will be helpful to know why he has reached this decision. Your child’s reasons for dropping out might be easily resolved, or could give you ideas for other options. It’s a good idea to talk about it together and see if he wants to try another sport.
Some common reasons children drop out of sport include:
  • Feeling they aren’t as good at it as they would like to be
  • Having other things they want to do with their time
  • Not having enough fun
  • Not liking the pressure
  • Being bored
  • Not liking the coach or other team members
  • Feeling they don’t fit in with the team
  • Finding the training too hard
  • Losing often.
If your child wants to drop out of sport, there are lots of fun exercise alternatives for you to consider together:
  • Walking with parents or friends
  • Classes with friends or family – for example, spin, boxing, martial arts or zumba
  • Yoga or Tai Chi – these offer a more passive and mindful approach to physical activity
  • Pilates – this provides strength and stability training
  • Bike-riding
  • Dancing
  • Surfing.

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If your child announces he doesn’t want to play sport anymore, it will be helpful to know why he has reached this decision.
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